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M. C. Bunte has been using fiber in various forms for most of her life, from the humble beginnings of doll clothing, knitted scarves, and macramé pot hangers to exhibiting work at IQA’s Houston quilt convention.  She earned a BFA at Wheaton College and an MA in Art Education at Purdue University.  For many years, she taught art in the West Lafayette, Indiana area.  Because her teaching required a broad knowledge of art materials and techniques, her own art work incorporates a variety of approaches.


M. C. “officially” began quilting in 1990 as a means of having portable work with her while transporting children to various activities.  Even her initial attempts tended to digress from standard designs.  As she progressed in her work, she was drawn to art quilting and found the most pleasure in pictorial quilts.  Her work includes a series of chiaroscuro architectural pieces, photo quilts inspired by trips to France, and draped female figure studies.  

She is a member of FibR, a local group of fiber artists working in a variety of media, PWC Quilting Connections, and SAQA. Her work has been shown at IQA shows in Houston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Long Beach, and Portland; SAQA shows in Houston and Cincinnati; and Sacred Thread exhibits in Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and Michigan.



Mary Bunte
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