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All Ears


DIMENSIONS:  25-1/2"W X 41"H


The contrast between old and new, Victorian and Modern, is a common scene in many Midwest towns and cities.  It reminds me that life is in constant flux.  New and old stand side by side as a symbol of changing tastes and functions.  When a building is torn down, a piece of history disappears.  The same can be said for people, too.


The “Alleyway” scene was one that caught my eye while traveling through downtown Lafayette, Indiana.  I was drawn to the overlapping shapes, strong shadows, and interesting details of fences and power lines.  Since the shapes and sizes seemed more important than the colors, I chose to depict this cityscape in chiaroscuro, or gray scale, although the sky stretches that idea a bit.


Many of the shapes in this design were either machine pieced or hand appliquéd.

Some of the more intricate details were made with paints and markers designed specifically for fabric.  The entire piece was machine quilted.

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