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Woman of the Flowers

DIMENSIONS:  29”W X 58-1/2”H

DESCRIPTION:  Early in the 20th century, girls were often named after flowering plants.  Many of my mother’s friends had names such as Violet, Florence, Gladys, and Rose.  The association of delicate feminine beauty with fragile blossoms may have been one of the reasons for such name choices.  However, I like to think of those names in a more contemporary way.  Although flower blossoms themselves may not last long, the plants from which they come are often extremely hardy.  They withstand extremes of weather, animal and human interference, as well as space competition with other plant species.  Like most women, they are resilient and filled with purpose.

I recently heard that the trend of using flower names for girls is being revived again.   Besides having lovely sounds when spoken, I hope the names are appreciated for their ties to both beauty and strength.

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