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International Woman


DESCRIPTION:  “International Woman” is a tribute to women around the world who exhibit courage, inner strength, and perseverance despite cultural pressures.  Not only do I admire those women whose leadership skills enable them to rise above their situation, but those who continue—in quiet ways—to care for others, raise families, and bring joy to their world.


The woman’s garment is composed of fabrics from all over the world.  Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and the United States are all represented.  Some of these materials have been purchased while traveling.  Others have been imported.  A few are reminiscent of fabrics found in particular places.      


Natural landmarks quilted into the background depict Mt. Fuji, Monument Valley, The Alps, The Himalayas, Machu Picchu, and Ayers Rock.  Constructed landmarks are as follows:  Sensoji Pagoda in Tokyo, Japan; Monas National Monument in Jakarta, Indonesia; U. S. Capitol in Washington, D. C.; Egyptian Pyramids near Cairo, Egypt; Big Ben in London, England, Azadi Tower in Tehran, Iran; Aztec Pyramid near Mexico City, Mexico; Opera House in Sydney, Australia; Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.     

Please note that the woman depicted in this piece has a vision.  She is looking up toward the future, rather than focusing on either the natural formations of our planet or the constructed landmarks.

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