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All Ears


DIMENSIONS:  42”W X 26-1/2”H

DESCRIPTION:  All of us are on a spiritual journey.   We each encounter moments that can lift us up and strengthen our faith.  They may come in the form of quiet time alone, connecting with another person, or being inspired by an enriching experience.   These moments move us forward in life toward our hopes and dreams.

But life is not always perfect.  Sometimes our experiences bring us fear, grief, and anger.  A life-threatening illness, the loss of someone close through death or divorce, job loss—any of these circumstances can cause us to question our beliefs.  We become impatient and feel as though we are taking a step backward in our spiritual journey.   We may even question if there is hope for the future.  Yet over time we eventually can gain wisdom from our experiences and a deeper understanding of ourselves.  Those qualities will help to bring our focus back to our spiritual goals and give us more compassion for others who are struggling.

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