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All Ears

Promise of Peace

DESCRIPTION:  With the advent of the Information Age, we are constantly bombarded with news about conflict around the world.  We see or hear about the strife of civil war, the horror of terrorist activities, and clashes between extreme views.

Yet, people in all cultures yearn for the absence of struggle.  Words and symbols for peace are found around the globe.

As I was thinking about how most of us would prefer to live in harmony, but find it illusive, the phrase “the lion shall lie down with the lamb” came to mind.  I associate it with the biblical promise of eventual peace, when a new earth becomes God’s kingdom.  When I researched the words, I found out they are a misquote from the book of Isaiah, but since most of us are accustomed to seeing and hearing those symbols, I chose to retain them.

When the quilt top was assembled, I decided to include words and symbols of peace from all over.  They include, from L to R, the ‘60’s peace symbol, the Arabic word for peace, an olive branch, a dove, the British poppy, the Chinese word for peace, Shalom in Hebrew, a Japanese paper crane, the symbol for peace through arts and culture, and a hand formed into a peace sign.  My hope and prayer is that someday greed and intolerance will subside, and peace will become a reality.

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