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All Ears

Schwerin Castle


DESCRIPTION:  One daughter studying abroad in Europe; another daughter performing in an orchestra traveling through Europe; one plane ticket for myself.  Several years ago I had the unique opportunity to connect with both of these daughters for a concert in Schwerin, Germany, a city north of Berlin.  After the concert we had dinner together and strolled through parts of the city. Many of the buildings were in the process of being restored after years of neglect during Communist rule.  This castle had been repurposed as a live theatre venue.  As we watched, some members of the audience arrived in horse-drawn carriages, while actors in full costume “swash-buckled” outside the entrance.


The variety of towers fascinated me.  I have since learned that kings would often add to an existing castle structure to signify their reign.  Obviously Schwerin Castle was occupied by quite a number of rulers!

To capture the mystery of this castle, I chose to show it as a color value study.  The only exception was adding the gold details, much as one might tint a photo.

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