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All Ears

Shelter In the Time of Storm

DIMENSIONS:  38”W X 35-1/2”H

DESCRIPTION:  While traveling across the Indiana countryside, I noticed an approaching spring thunderstorm.  As I looked across the newly planted fields, a ray of sunshine lit up a grove of trees and a small country church in the distance.  The scene was eerie, as though I were looking at a film negative, because the trees appeared so light against the darkening sky.  There was no time to snap a picture of what I saw and, at highways speeds, it would have been just a horizontal smear of color.  But the memory of that image persisted in my mind.  I was compelled to try capturing that moment for others.  As the process unfolded, I began to sense a message behind the scene I had witnessed:  Even when situations appear threatening, hope—God’s protection for the spirit—exists.


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